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How to empower yourself with responsibility.

Written by Karen Fischbach - Change Specialist Pro Leaders Academy Each workday we take ourselves to our place of work.  Many of us are on autopilot.  The question is, do we take responsibility for what we actually do during the time we are there? People are not robots, we don’t all feel the same, we [...]

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Debriefing – more than just for the military

Written by Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy Debriefing originated in the military as a live, situational learning tool.  Teams in the field could literally learn on the spot what mistakes were made and why – critical when dealing with life threatening situations. Debriefing is a mechanism to learn and develop from a task and [...]

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Succession and Future Leaders

Karen Fischbach Pro Leaders Academy, January 2021 Many articles are written about future proofing your business by the succession planning of the workforce – but what about the leadership talent?  It sometimes appears that there are plenty of crew members, but no one to steer the ship! Preparing for the future has become a very [...]

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Creating Unenforceable contracts – are you doing it without realising?

Written by Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy. We all know we must read the fine print – but when it comes down to it, we don’t. We skim. We can be forgiven for the assumptions we make based on knowledge, experience, and the situation. But how does what we read come into being? Someone [...]

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Are purpose-led tenders the way of the future?

Written by Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy Evaluating tenders is what leads to a contract in government.  Developing the tender requirements prior to determining the tender criteria is more important as it sets the expectations of the client.  Criteria can be based on requirements to meet specific legislation, such as the requirement for the [...]

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Procurement Management or Project Management

 John Donne famously wrote, “No man is an island.” He could have been talking about a project because projects cannot be completed without drawing from resources outside of the project team. And it is generally the procurement team that manages this process for the project. It is an interconnected process that when working well delivers successful [...]

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An Ethical Australia with Ethical Behaviour

Written by Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy. An ethical Australia with ethical behaviour is what we believe to be our current state in general. However on Monday 26 October Q&A aired a program with a challenging discussion on ethics, ethical behaviour, accountability & leadership. As a leading trainers in the areas of projects, procurement [...]

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Part 3 – What must and should be done about a Conflict of interest?

Written by: Brett Lyndon– Pro Leaders Academy In this final of our 3-part series we look forward to what must be done after a Conflict of Interest is disclosed.  It is reasonably common knowledge that any COI must be declared. For me though, this is not good enough. I say that because a declaration can [...]

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It’s all about the Value!

Written by: Jacqui Sealy– Pro Leaders Academy Value for Money – it is a term that we don’t often think about automatically when we consider buying goods and services for ourselves. When you have the money, you will generally buy what you can afford.  When you think about value as part of the equation, you [...]

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A caretaker government – is it Business as Usual?

Written by: Donna Kirk– Pro Leaders Academy Australia is a representative democracy. In this political system, eligible people vote for candidates to carry out the business of governing on their behalf. The democratic election process requires that parliament be dissolved, and the people vote for their choice of government.  This takes time; however, the business of [...]

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