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Part 1 Your Conflict of Interest (COI) – Brett Lyndon

Pro Leaders Academy Facilitator, Brett Lyndon will take you through a 3-part series looking deeper into the area of Conflict of Interest, its implications and what steps you can take in order to do the right thing. Part 1 – What does Conflict of interest mean? The more I talk to people regarding Conflict of [...]

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Understanding Project Requirements – Tips for the Road to Clarity

Written by: Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy Requirements are a key stability and focus element of a Project.  Scope is the starting point for understanding what is included in and excluded from the project. However, the scope’s purpose is not to delve into the detail about what the solution might require -this is where [...]

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The Devil is surely in the detail – working from (WFH) does not escape notice

Written by: Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy Regardless of where you work, an Employer has a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for staff. If this is not provided and an incident occurs, there can be serious implications such as financial penalties for the Employer/business. This was highlighted recently in an [...]

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What makes a good team mentor?

Written by: Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy Mentoring and guiding play a crucial role in staff development and long-term retention.  This is because mentors are usually members of the organisation and are therefore in place for the long haul.  I say usually because anyone with willingness and potential can be a mentor. To be [...]

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What do ‘Value-for-Money’ and ‘Broader Economic Benefits’ mean in procurement?

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy Value-for-money is a term that is regularly used in Government procurement when deciding which potential vendor to purchase from. It is the primary principle for most Government procurement activities and is a key determining factor in the final purchasing and contract outcome. But what does value-for-money really [...]

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How Procurement & Projects Collide!

Written by: Phil Sealy - Pro Leaders Academy We talk Value for Money and yet consistently see coverage in the media of yet another publicly funded project with cost overruns and delays and blame games… Let us be clear this isn’t a political issue, not even perhaps a people issue. It in my opinion based [...]

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How to Ethically Negotiate Contract Price

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy As a facilitator teaching Government employees procurement and contract management, I am regularly questioned about Government’s ability to negotiate the price of a contract. In response, I decided to address the issue in this forum so others can gain a deeper insight into this area. Before conducting [...]

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Business Continuity Plan – why every business needs one

Written by: Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy The last few years have taught us that we must be prepared for anything.  Australia can be a harsh land with wild bushfires and flash floods, but a global Pandemic - who would have considered that a real risk? That’s the point though, businesses now have to [...]

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Fraud and Corruption in the COVID-19 Environment

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy The impact of COVID-19 is significant across every sector of society, none more so than how we buy and sell products and services. Social Distancing has resulted in broken supply chains, business closure and for some, a new way of doing things.  What, and more importantly who, guides [...]

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Why assumptions are damaging

Written by: Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy The world is discussing supply chains in a manner that has not been seen before, detailing ad nauseam the uncertain outcomes and global social and economic issues few have prepared for. Except preparation had been done! As recent as 2007-2008, the Australian National Audit Office undertook a [...]

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