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Scrutiny of contracts

Written by: Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy Awarding contracts is a straightforward task and yet is often fraught with challenges. The awarding of contracts or choosing suppliers is standard practise in both commercial and government processes, however the challenges come in how the contracts should be awarded. How do you choose a service provider? [...]

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Procurement within disrupted supply chains

Written by: Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy No matter how much preparation goes into contingency scenarios, companies, organisations and governments can still be faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges when disaster strikes. The procurement process can be significantly interrupted by over demand, under supply or even the inability to access your normal networks of supply. [...]

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Probity, getting it right!!

Written by: Phil Sealy - Pro Leaders Academy If we look at probity as being the evidence of ethical behaviour, then does ethical behaviour automatically make me get it right? As a probity advisor, I don’t believe this to be true.  Let me explain Probity can be seen as a process to ensure the required [...]

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Public Procurement from a global standpoint

Written by: Donna Kirk – Pro Leaders Academy Jacqui Sealy Pro Leaders Academy with Ms Helen Clark used courtesy of Pro Leaders Academy In 2015 the United Nations formulated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States, of which Australia is a [...]

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The importance of lessons learned and audits

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy A recent Australian National Auditors Office (ANAO) audit of Western Sydney Airport Company (WSA Co) a wholly owned Australian Government Business Enterprise (GBE), and therefore subject to operating under the terms of the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act, has highlighted the importance of not just having [...]

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Clarity around Transparency

Written by: Donna Kirk – Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd As a project or procurement manager working with funds that are tax or ratepayer derived, you have specific accountability that are bounded by procurement rules. This accountability is legislated to provide the necessary framework that governs how public money can be used ethically and responsibly. [...]

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Anti-corruption: Why Australia is out of the top 10

Written by: Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd Anti-corruption, how knowing the basics can help every project manager avoid being challenged. Since 1995, countries around the world have been assessed and surveyed on financial and judicial practices by Transparency International.  The *2020 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) was released recently with Australia sitting [...]

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Procurement Relationships

Written by: Jeanette Jifkins - Principal Lawyer at Onyx Legal   A business coach I work with has recommended we grade our clients. So, as part of our client segmentation for marketing, we’ve identified five core indicators and one bonus indicator to rank our clients from A-D. The idea is that you aim to get [...]

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The Black Economy Procurement Connected Policy (PCP)

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd What is the Black Economy? The Australian Tax Office (ATO) describes Black Economy as: “dishonest and criminal activities that take place outside of, or involves misuse or abuse of, the tax and regulatory systems”. It encompasses a wide range of practices, including understatement of takings, the [...]

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