How to empower yourself with responsibility.

Written by Karen Fischbach - Change Specialist Pro Leaders Academy Each workday we take ourselves to our place of work.  Many of us are on autopilot.  The question is, do we take responsibility for what we actually do during the time we are there? People are not robots, we don’t all feel the same, we [...]

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Debriefing – more than just for the military

Written by Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy Debriefing originated in the military as a live, situational learning tool.  Teams in the field could literally learn on the spot what mistakes were made and why – critical when dealing with life threatening situations. Debriefing is a mechanism to learn and develop from a task and [...]

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Succession and Future Leaders

Karen Fischbach Pro Leaders Academy, January 2021 Many articles are written about future proofing your business by the succession planning of the workforce – but what about the leadership talent?  It sometimes appears that there are plenty of crew members, but no one to steer the ship! Preparing for the future has become a very [...]

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Client Requirements – the Art of Gathering Meaningful Detail

Written by: Karen Fischbach – Pro Leaders Academy Everyone wants something different in their vision of a solution outcome.  So what will it take to get the clear and right details from them to deliver their vision? It is vital to commence the information gathering process as early as possible because it takes a while [...]

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What makes a good team mentor?

Written by: Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy Mentoring and guiding play a crucial role in staff development and long-term retention.  This is because mentors are usually members of the organisation and are therefore in place for the long haul.  I say usually because anyone with willingness and potential can be a mentor. To be [...]

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Procurement Relationships

Written by: Jeanette Jifkins - Principal Lawyer at Onyx Legal   A business coach I work with has recommended we grade our clients. So, as part of our client segmentation for marketing, we’ve identified five core indicators and one bonus indicator to rank our clients from A-D. The idea is that you aim to get [...]

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