An Ethical Australia with Ethical Behaviour

Written by Donna Kirk - Pro Leaders Academy. An ethical Australia with ethical behaviour is what we believe to be our current state in general. However on Monday 26 October Q&A aired a program with a challenging discussion on ethics, ethical behaviour, accountability & leadership. As a leading trainers in the areas of projects, procurement [...]

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Part 3 – What must and should be done about a Conflict of interest?

Written by: Brett Lyndon– Pro Leaders Academy In this final of our 3-part series we look forward to what must be done after a Conflict of Interest is disclosed.  It is reasonably common knowledge that any COI must be declared. For me though, this is not good enough. I say that because a declaration can [...]

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It’s all about the Value!

Written by: Jacqui Sealy– Pro Leaders Academy Value for Money – it is a term that we don’t often think about automatically when we consider buying goods and services for ourselves. When you have the money, you will generally buy what you can afford.  When you think about value as part of the equation, you [...]

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A caretaker government – is it Business as Usual?

Written by: Donna Kirk– Pro Leaders Academy Australia is a representative democracy. In this political system, eligible people vote for candidates to carry out the business of governing on their behalf. The democratic election process requires that parliament be dissolved, and the people vote for their choice of government.  This takes time; however, the business of [...]

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Part 2 – Why is a Conflict of Interest perceived as a negative?

Written by: Brett Lyndon– Pro Leaders Academy In the first part of this article, published in August  we looked at what a Conflict of interest is. In this, Part Two of our series on Conflict of Interest, we will examine why a Conflict of Interest (COI) is bad. A Conflict of Interest, as previously discussed, [...]

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What makes a good team mentor?

Written by: Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy Mentoring and guiding play a crucial role in staff development and long-term retention.  This is because mentors are usually members of the organisation and are therefore in place for the long haul.  I say usually because anyone with willingness and potential can be a mentor. To be [...]

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What do ‘Value-for-Money’ and ‘Broader Economic Benefits’ mean in procurement?

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy Value-for-money is a term that is regularly used in Government procurement when deciding which potential vendor to purchase from. It is the primary principle for most Government procurement activities and is a key determining factor in the final purchasing and contract outcome. But what does value-for-money really [...]

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How Procurement & Projects Collide!

Written by: Phil Sealy - Pro Leaders Academy We talk Value for Money and yet consistently see coverage in the media of yet another publicly funded project with cost overruns and delays and blame games… Let us be clear this isn’t a political issue, not even perhaps a people issue. It in my opinion based [...]

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How to Ethically Negotiate Contract Price

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy As a facilitator teaching Government employees procurement and contract management, I am regularly questioned about Government’s ability to negotiate the price of a contract. In response, I decided to address the issue in this forum so others can gain a deeper insight into this area. Before conducting [...]

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Business Continuity Plan – why every business needs one

Written by: Karen Fischbach - Pro Leaders Academy The last few years have taught us that we must be prepared for anything.  Australia can be a harsh land with wild bushfires and flash floods, but a global Pandemic - who would have considered that a real risk? That’s the point though, businesses now have to [...]

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